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Turbidity Filter AG Media (1 cu.ft.) 28% OFF

Turbidity Filter AG Media (1 cu.ft.)

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Turbidity Filter AG Media (1 cu.ft.) 28% OFF

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Turbidity Filter AG Media (1 cu.ft.)



  • Color: Light grey to near white 
  • Bulk Density: 24-26 lbs./cu. ft. 
  • Specific Gravity: 2.25 gm/cc 
  • Mesh Size: 12 x 30 
  • Effective Size: 0.67 mm 
  • Uniformity Coefficient: 1.8 
  • Hardness: 6 (Mohs scale)

Filter Ag is a very efficient filter medium for the removal of suspended material and turbidity.

Less pressure loss and finer filtration is possible because of its light weight and irregular surface characteristics.

Filter Ag granules have irregular surface characteristics affording maximum removal of suspended matter throughout the filter bed.

Filter-Ag can be applied to systems designed for either pressure or gravity flow.

Filter-Ag has many outstanding advantages over the more common granular filter media used for suspended solids removal.

A substantial savings can be realized with Filter Ag because equipment can be smaller, requiring less square footage.

Filter-Ag is a lightweight substance which means additional savings in backwash rates.

Filter-Ag typically removes the normal suspended solids, down to 20-40 micron range.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Recommended Use Sediment Filtration
Manufacturer Clack Corporation